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Secretariat Office 



No.321.Sec. 1,Jinan Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10051, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Telephone: + 886-2-233222777 ext. 6002~6   6576~6577   6466    6225~6226  7500

Fax : + 886-2-23226009

Location:The 2nd floor of Administration Building



The Secretariat of National Taipei University of Business (NTUB) is an advisory unit of the school. Under the guidance of the school President, it enhances each department’s development.

The main objectives and mission of the Secretariat are to innovate actively, play a key role in communication and coordination, value the importance of team work, and emphasize efficiency and quality of service.


Secretary-General:   Dr.Lee,Chi-Lin;886-2-23226002;


Secretariat Affairs Division    


1.Hold college coordinate affairs meetings.

2.Hold administrative meetings.

3.Hold college affairs – proposal review group meetings. 

4.Hold School Fund Management Committee meetings.

5.Assist the President with administrative affairs and coordinate affairs between different units.

6.Hold school financial procedures and internal control implementation meeting. 

7.Coordinate the departments for the school development. 

8.Review and edit college documents. 

9.Handle confidential documents and telexes for the college and the President. 

10.Review and publish school administrative bulletins. 

11.Handle matters with regard to reception of guests and visitors. 

12.Secure the President's seals



Division Director : Ms.Huang,Feng-Ching ; 866-2-23226007 ;

Senior Clerk : Ms.Ji,Sz-Yin ; 886-2-23226003 ;

Secretary : Ms.Lu,Ching-Yu ; 886-2-23226005 ;

Auditor : Ms.Lin,Jing-Fen ; 866-2-23226006 ;


Public Relations Division

The Public Relations Section is not only the unit to connect the institution with the media, but also the hub for delivery of on- and off-campus announcements. This unit is in charge of handling public affairs, updating news reporters’ database, holding press conferences, keeping good relationship with media outlets, maintaining the hot news on NTUB Homepage, writing news releases related to major events, seminars, lectures and other university activities.

The goals of the unit are to actively interact and contact with the media, promote the announcement and communication of positive news, establish standard procedures for holding press conferences and announcing news, promote the quality of press conferences and the speed of communicating messages.

The office is divided into the following three categories:

  • Branding NTUB
  1. Branding NTUB
  2. Promoting NTUB’s positive image
  3. Promoting campus public relation practitioner quality
  4. Planning the marketing and university affairs strategy
  • University affairs
  1. Arranging interviews
  2. Establishing liaison between every office in University
  3. Complete other provisional matters assigned by the superior
  4. Cooperating with school activity promotion, achievement records, and strengthening university image
  5. Reporting along the way with president
  • Press and media related affairs
  1. Press releases for conferences, events, and celebrations
  2. To promote NTUB to the public
  3. Maintaining liaison between the school and the media
  4. Informing press of recent events


Division Director:Dr. James, Chien Chi; 886-2-23226466;

Press Secretary:Ms.Liao,Fang-Yi ;886-2-23226577;

Press Secretary:Ms.Lu,Wan-Qi ;886-2-23226576;

Press Secretary:Ms.Hsu, Hsiu-Ying;886-2-23226578;


 Alumni Services Division


1.Alumni Database Update and Maintenance
2.Send NTUB Magazine to Alumnus
3. Alumni Invitation and Reception
4.Reply to the Mail of Alumni
5. Participated in Alumni Reunion
6. Help Alumni Association to keep in touch with Alumnus
7. Enthusiastic and Honor Alumni Selection
8.Handle Alumni Feedback


Division Director:Mr.Kuei,Chien-Hua;886-2-23226226;

Administrative Assistant:

Ms.Li, Annie;886-2-23226225;